Ishani + Sidhart

Indian weddings are rich in culture and traditions. Most Indian weddings are big in size, and have several events throughout the week of their wedding celebration. There are so many traditions depending on where the couple was raised, whether it was in the North part of India, or the South, East or West. But most of them have similar ceremonies, where the couple walks around the sacred fire, they exchange garlands and some exchange rings as a part of their marriage ceremony. Ishani and Sidhart had a more intimate wedding, bringing families from all sort of places of the world. We met people from India, Pennsylvania, California, and a number of states. 

One of our favorite moments of Indian Weddings is the early morning ceremonies that welcome the groom to the brides family. In one way or another, the groom tries to impress the guests and the family with a big entrance at his arrival.  

While most couples these days like to have a "First Look" before the ceremony, Sidhart preferred to keep it more traditional, by seeing his bride for the first time at their ceremony. Sidhart's uncles carried her on a Dolly, as she covered her face with some leaves. 

In the afternoon, we got to document these two lovelies getting ready for their wedding reception... we took them out for a super short session as the sun sat, and we dove into cocktail hour and straight into the program. Some of their relatives surprised them with special performances and super heart melting speeches...

An Early "Love Birds" Wedding

A Summer Morning with Puja + Kheelan

Good morning sweet lovers...

We started our dat at Northbeach, Chicago. Already the sunrise and the lonely beach set us up for a romantic morning with these two lovers... 

For our second stop we chose to go to this really cool mural in the city. The bright colors of the walls worked really well with her hot red heels, and her "omg I want those now!" earrings. 

and for our third and fourth stop, we ran over to Fulton Market and got some pretty incredible end shots

thumbs up to Puja + Kheelan. They rocked this outfits and we absolutely loved this session! 

Boundless Love

We've married so many couples, all from different backgrounds and even cultural beliefs. But when we met Eric and Sheetal, it was quite the treat. They started telling us their plans to incorporating a paper dragon at their Baraat, and we, of course tried to keep ourselves seated on our chairs, but in reality we were daydreaming with such a fun event. It's not every day that you get couples like these two! 

Eric and Sheetal did a phenomenal job tying in two different cultures, Chinese and Indian. Everything from the music, to the food and decorations was seriously a treat for all the guests. 

LeCapeWeddings - Chicago South Asian Wedding -2.jpg

Grah Shanti

A day for Sheetal's family to prep her for the big day

LeCapeWeddings - Chicago South Asian Wedding -9.jpg


A traditional Indian Pre-Wedding Ceremony for the Bride

LeCapeWeddings - Chicago South Asian Wedding -10.jpg


A night to celebrate together with both families

LeCapeWeddings - Chicago South Asian Wedding -37.jpg

Wedding Ceremony

Sheraton Grand Chicago

LeCapeWeddings - Chicago South Asian Wedding -111.jpg


A fabulous celebration at the beautiful Sheraton Grand Chicago hotel.