Ishani + Sidhart

Indian weddings are rich in culture and traditions. Most Indian weddings are big in size, and have several events throughout the week of their wedding celebration. There are so many traditions depending on where the couple was raised, whether it was in the North part of India, or the South, East or West. But most of them have similar ceremonies, where the couple walks around the sacred fire, they exchange garlands and some exchange rings as a part of their marriage ceremony. Ishani and Sidhart had a more intimate wedding, bringing families from all sort of places of the world. We met people from India, Pennsylvania, California, and a number of states. 

One of our favorite moments of Indian Weddings is the early morning ceremonies that welcome the groom to the brides family. In one way or another, the groom tries to impress the guests and the family with a big entrance at his arrival.  

While most couples these days like to have a "First Look" before the ceremony, Sidhart preferred to keep it more traditional, by seeing his bride for the first time at their ceremony. Sidhart's uncles carried her on a Dolly, as she covered her face with some leaves. 

In the afternoon, we got to document these two lovelies getting ready for their wedding reception... we took them out for a super short session as the sun sat, and we dove into cocktail hour and straight into the program. Some of their relatives surprised them with special performances and super heart melting speeches...

Not the typical City Engagement Session

The Palmer House Hilton, A Wedding Reception Film with Hiba + Nevin

It is incredible to be a part of seeing two friends make a choice to join their journeys together and walk together. So it is with a grateful heart that we are able to show you the incredible story of Nevin’s marriage to Hiba. It was an incredible adventure that took us through some amazing location in the Palmer House Hilton to capture this special moment.

Cinematography & Photography: Le Cape Weddings
Venue: Hilton Palmer House (