Rina + Manan

Chicago! Chicago!

We are always so in love with your beautiful city backdrops ~ our downtown is so full of stunning architectural backgrounds, and we love the amount of greenery that we get to enjoy all over this modern city... What a blessing to spend our summers here! 

Meet our sweet couple, Rina & Manan... two smiles that capture anyones attention wherever they go. 

A Summer Morning with Puja + Kheelan

Good morning sweet lovers...

We started our dat at Northbeach, Chicago. Already the sunrise and the lonely beach set us up for a romantic morning with these two lovers... 

For our second stop we chose to go to this really cool mural in the city. The bright colors of the walls worked really well with her hot red heels, and her "omg I want those now!" earrings. 

and for our third and fourth stop, we ran over to Fulton Market and got some pretty incredible end shots

thumbs up to Puja + Kheelan. They rocked this outfits and we absolutely loved this session! 

Not the typical City Engagement Session