Invited to a Sangeet for the first time?

If you ever get invited to a Hindu, Punjabi or a Gujurati wedding event, and you see the word “Sangeet” or “Garba” it means festival of music. It is by far our favorite day of our 4-day Indian weddings. In most Sangeets or Garbas, depending on their religious background (usually depends whether the couple is from the north or the south of India), couples perform in front of their guests, and their families put together quite the show for the night!

We start our Sangeet/Garba celebrations by taking a creative session with our bride & groom. This session was a thirty minute window before their program began. Monica is not only the most photogenic bride we’ve had all year round, but also had a contagious smile that warmed everyones hearts while working with her and her handsome groom.

To start the program, Monica and Pratik lit up a candle and had a religious ceremony at the altar. Then they danced around the altar. All guests were invited to do this challenging dance, even if they didn’t know the steps; while the expert crowds danced non-stop as the music and the difficulty of the dance continuously got faster and harder.

She enjoyed planning her wedding so much, that she became a Wedding Planner herself!

Ashley’s vision for their beautiful wedding was a romantic glam/elegant wedding, which came to life with sparkling everything! She took care of all the planning herself, and enjoyed it so much that immediately after her wedding, she made wedding planning her own business.

One of the things that we really loved about this wedding was how much in love Ashley and Joey are! So much so, that when Joey stopped by to just get a photo of their dog, Ashley couldn’t help but try to see him, so we setup a quick meeting of them both, but Joey couldn’t look, which had to be so frustrating for him, but it was so romantic too.

Ashley, our bride went for a full-on glam look with ombre eyeshadow and thick lashes. She also wore a cathedral-length veil, perfect for their ceremony venue.

The wedding party in shimmery black dresses, and white flower bouquets.

Sparkling decor and white furry rugs and sofas set the tone for an elegant wedding reception. They set up a lounge area near the bar for their guests to create a relaxing conversation area.

We don’t normally share the garter toss, but OMG this one was hilarious! Look what Joey found under Ashleys dress…

Cheers to 2019!

It feels like we have been hibernating all this winter, but who is to blame with Chicagos weather and the famous Polar Vortex 2018. We are all so excited to begin our 2019 wedding season, and to honor our first wedding of the season, we wanted to post images from Binal and J’s wedding. They will be getting married this weekend in Indianapolis. The weather hasn’t changed much from their cold engagement session, but our hearts have grown to love these two people full of love and excitement! Here is to a great start of the season!

The Wedding of Her Dreams

If you are reading this post, you are in for a treat… and if you are one of our upcoming brides for 2019, you may want to get in touch with some of this wedding vendors and venues asap, because these photos are truly beautiful because we all collaborated in making her dream wedding come true.

Look at that dress… she was like a mini-bride.

Our bride always dreamt of walking down a beautiful staircase to meet her groom on their wedding day, so we suggested for her to get ready at The Hilton in Michigan Ave for the beautiful architecture. I swear every step she gave towards her standing groom, it gave us the chills and by the time she made it all the way down to meet him, we were all bawling our eyes out.

Persian weddings have a combined ceremony and reception, and for their big entrance they have live musicians welcome them with a very loud *trust me, very loud and fun big entrance to meet their guests.

A little side note here: Last year we were invited to be a part of some research about Wedding trends, a research that we did together with top industry leaders, and we discovered that while trends vary year by year, 2018 and 2019 share in common the splurge of dry ice/smoke during our couples first dance. Is this a dream of a picture or what? Let’s just say we didn’t want their dance to end… it was so gorgeous!