Let's talk about your wedding!

We're nearing the big day and we want to get to know your event, your story and your special details better. So to do that we have a few tips and a questionnaire we'd like you to fill out to help us make the most of your day. First a few tips...


Your Story Matters!

One of the best ways you can help us to capture meaningful images is to let us know about your love story, what you value in your relationship and places that made a mark on your souls. It could be a style of architecture, a place that you guys made a great memory, or something simple like you love to make each other laugh. There's no wrong answer here, so let us know!


Getting to know how the flow of your day happens can help us capture those important people, details and moments! While we love surprises like anyone else, we love to be two steps ahead of the crowd. So little surprises like a flash mob, that secret dance / performance you're making for the day, or a heartfelt detail or moment you are making is great to know!

Point People + Vendors

There are moments where we'll need to ask a question or help ensure the groom doesn't see the bride before it's time. That's where knowing who we can communicate with helps! Also knowing a bit about your vendors helps us to ensure a smooth process working with them - it may seem like something small, but we love to work together as a team with your vendors!

Bride's Name *
Bride's Name
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Groom's Name
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
This one can be big or small, but help us get to know your love story and what you care about!
What Other Vendors Are You Working With?
Your Timeline *
Do you have a timeline you can share with us at jon@lecapeweddings.com?
Who will be your point person on the day of the wedding in the event we need to get answers? Planner, Maid of Honor, Best Man, etc...
Those secrete things you're planning, tell us about it and who we shouldn't tell.