Let's Talk About Wisdom

A while back I watched a documentary called "Wisdom" by Andrew Zuckerman, and it really opened my eyes to all the things we learn from our elders throughout our life and the importance of listening. It not only inspired me to tell the stories of the countless people I've interacted with across the globe, but also the process of how to figure out new ways to tell stories. 

We've been in this industry for a while, and we've had an incredible adventure. We've had our successes as well as our fair share of mistakes we've had to learn from too, but through it all, our heart has been to train and enable our team to create great work and also make it memorable for those in front of our cameras. To us this is critical, and with that we are starting something new.

We'd like to start talking others with us on this journey to see if we all can not only improve as artists but as people too.

So, if you are a wedding photographer or wedding cinematographer who is looking to add to their skill set, or learn the lesson before the mistake, this email update is for you. If you are starting out, this is also for you, we'll be talking through the processes over the next year of how you can get started and get yourself plugged in to the industry, learn how to set yourself apart, and find your heart for why you do what you do.

Periodically we will send out new blog posts with tips relevant to you and might be the spark of inspiration you need to get you moving forward. We also will keep you in the loop as we announce workshops and other ventures -- and don't worry we promise, we won't clog your mailbox 


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It's not an easy road we are on, but I guarantee it can be an exciting one ❤️