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We currently are not actively hiring for Le Cape Weddings, but from time to time we do seek out subcontractors to assist us on weddings.

If you've made it this far, here are just a few things to think about before we begin:

  1. How many years of professional experience you've had as a photographer or cinematographer.
  2. Who have you worked for? We'd like a reference or two - ideally from professionals or companies.
  3. A link to your Portfolio (showcase a variety of wedding work you've done, or other work that shows your style and how you portray emotion, as well as your proficiency and control of lighting, composition, blocking and difficult situations)
  4. What city do you live in? While we are based in Chicago, we are always traveling throughout the US.
  5. Your Gear List

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Technical + Skill
I am highly skilled with my camera gear
I have a great attitude and enjoy working with people
I am very capable of capturing a great moment under pressure
I am highly skilled with artificial light (LED, Flash, reflector)