Dressed for the occasion

We love our couples (big time) and when these two asked me to fly to NY for their bridal shower, well daaah! I just said yes and flew the morning of their shower, and got to meet so many wonderful people, all of them dressed in white at this amazing bridal shower. These two have become precious important to us!

The best things come for those who wait...

Taco bell, jokes about medicine and the stars lining up are all usual topics of conversations at South Asian Weddings… Many of our couples are going into the medical profession, and it can be a very busy schedule, but just like marriage… sometimes it takes a little time to see the wonders of a milestone completed.

It’s hard to believe that our countdown is now down to two weeks…

Congratulations Sindhura and Sean… you two make a beautiful couple!

Talk about connecting with our couples...

Engagement sessions is our favorite way to connect with our couples, as we get to see them interact with each other, and practice being in front of the camera. While the session is completely different than the wedding itself, we get to feel their way of connecting with one another, and more often than not, we end up chatting about their wedding and all the fun they are planning for the big day.

This is Monica and Michael, two people with the sweetest personalities. You see them smiling in every photo, not because they were nervous in front of the camera, but these two are such a flirt! and to this, we call being in love!

I love that they didn’t wear glamorous outfits, but instead they photographed true to themselves. Seriously, two honest people with a genuine heart!

Cheers to 2019!

It feels like we have been hibernating all this winter, but who is to blame with Chicagos weather and the famous Polar Vortex 2018. We are all so excited to begin our 2019 wedding season, and to honor our first wedding of the season, we wanted to post images from Binal and J’s wedding. They will be getting married this weekend in Indianapolis. The weather hasn’t changed much from their cold engagement session, but our hearts have grown to love these two people full of love and excitement! Here is to a great start of the season!