Felt like the shortest 4-Day Indian Wedding

We know it is so easy to brag about our brides, they are all beautiful, they are all in love… but when it comes to Chhavi, she was unique! She is the kind of bride that thanked us every time we snapped a photo of her. It’s families like this that make a 4 day weekend feel too short, because we just can’t help it but want their celebration to continue for the entire month!

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Mendhi -5.jpg


Day 1

Chhavi had her Mendhi and their Pithi celebrations at their own home. And if these photos aren’t any sample of their happiness, I don’t know what would tell you how much these two lovebirds love each other! Having intimate events is sometimes the way to go… you actually get to enjoy and spend time with each of your guests without feeling rushed.

When your groom does anything to keep you entertained during your loooong hours of your henna! ;)

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Pithi-7.jpg


Day 2

Well… this is one way to clean you up after a Pithi ceremony! having fun and making memories is all that matters… our cameras getting wet, not so much! lol

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Sangeet --105.jpg


Day 3

We always try to start our Sangeet nights with a mini session of the bride and the groom. Then, we hop into family formals at the stage and the celebration begins from there….

Not to be biased, but when your Uncle is the owner of Mantra Catering Chicago, what’s there to expect other than AMAZINGNESS! Not only the food was delicious all throughout their wedding weekend, but the setups and displays were such a work of art.

The program at Sangeet brought quite the surprise to our Bride. Our Groom not only showed off his dancing skills, but also with his sweet voice, he performed a special song for his Bride! and of course, the night isn’t over if not all 300 guests join the dance floor with some epic moves!

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Getting Ready --11.jpg

Getting Ready

Day 4 (AM)

So about rain in Chicago… yesssss… I know it’s a bummer, but when you have these many balloons ready for a First Look, any background does the job for such a romantic scene!

Not feeling to kheen on reading your letters out loud! Bummer!!!!

Chhavi and Sumeet were our brave couple to actually read their love letters to one another, outloud and with microphones none the less! I can’t tell you how many of us were tearing up in the middle of their letters… Their voices not only narrated their wedding video, but also set the romantic tone for their wedding photo session (in the middle of the rain!) rain had never been this romantic before! These two are so so sweet!

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Baraat --35.jpg


day 4 (AM)

Did we say Smoke Boms at your Baraat??? heck yeahh!!!!

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Detalis Ceremony --5.jpg

Wedding Ceremony

Decor by Dream Occassions

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Ceremony --40.jpg

Hindu Ceremony

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Vidai --15.jpg


An sweet and emotional goodbye to the Bride and Groom

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Reception Creatives  -29.jpg


Chicago City

Not fair! Traffic in Chicago cut our session in half, but it’s okay… with couples like these two lovebirds, it is easy to rush through a session and still get their love and personalities in pretty pictures :) It’s either that or my husband Jon is a ninja photographer! lol

Le Cape Weddings - Sumeet and Chavi - Reception Dinner Buffet    -2.jpg


and Cocktail Hour

Literally, we all get chills when the doors open and the bride and groom enter for the first time! What a magical moment to see all that you’ve been planning for a full year, all there in front of you! These weddings make me want to re marry my husband and do it all over again! not fair for us who got married before Pinterest!

It’s so fair to say that we did not want the weekend to end. Sumeet + Chhavi, you two are wonderful people and have an amazing HUGE family that you made us feel a part of! Congratulations and seriously thank you for letting us capture your wedding weekend. Of course, this wedding wouldn’t have been the same without all these amazing vendors that were a huge part of their dream wedding. Here is a list of vendors for all of our upcoming brides to grab the phone and book them all! (specially the caterer, two thumbs up!)*

Cinematography & Photography: Le Cape Weddings

Venue: Westin Itasca, Grand Ballroom

Event Planner: JD Jankhana Desai | jd@abricoe.com | www.abricoe.com

Event Decorator: Dream Occassions Decor Info@dreamoccasions.com

Make up & Hair: Appease Inc. | Neela 630-915-8969

DJ: Shaadi Entertainment with DJ Krush

Caterer: Mantra Chicago | kasia@mantrachicago.com

Horse Rental: Maharaja Farm | info@maharajafarm.com