The Wedding of Her Dreams

If you are reading this post, you are in for a treat… and if you are one of our upcoming brides for 2019, you may want to get in touch with some of this wedding vendors and venues asap, because these photos are truly beautiful because we all collaborated in making her dream wedding come true.

Look at that dress… she was like a mini-bride.

Our bride always dreamt of walking down a beautiful staircase to meet her groom on their wedding day, so we suggested for her to get ready at The Hilton in Michigan Ave for the beautiful architecture. I swear every step she gave towards her standing groom, it gave us the chills and by the time she made it all the way down to meet him, we were all bawling our eyes out.

Persian weddings have a combined ceremony and reception, and for their big entrance they have live musicians welcome them with a very loud *trust me, very loud and fun big entrance to meet their guests.

A little side note here: Last year we were invited to be a part of some research about Wedding trends, a research that we did together with top industry leaders, and we discovered that while trends vary year by year, 2018 and 2019 share in common the splurge of dry ice/smoke during our couples first dance. Is this a dream of a picture or what? Let’s just say we didn’t want their dance to end… it was so gorgeous!

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