A Latin Beach Wedding at Margaritaville Resorts in Miami, FL

Photographing weddings are fun, but photographing a Latin Wedding is just another level of fun!

Miguel and Carolina wanted to have a beach wedding, but without all the heat of the direct sun, and sand on their feet. So, they chose to get married at the Terrace of Margaritaville Resorts with a beautiful view of the Ocean! The wedding was not only romantic, but also heartfelt, as they had a very intimate ceremony with their Pastor, who led them to worship God with friends and family. 

At night they had an "Hora Loca!" (muy loca!!! I would say), where EVERYONE and literally everyone was out on the dance floor having fun. It was one of those weddings that made both of us wish we were the guests and not the photographers, because all we wanted to do was basically hop onto the dance floor (which we did!), and celebrate with them. 

Marco from MZ Events put together this elegant wedding with his wonderful team. He thought of every little detail, and even included monogramed pillows, a cappuccino bar, and coordinated colors with the different vendors, and everything matched perfectly!