Invited to a Sangeet for the first time?

If you ever get invited to a Hindu, Punjabi or a Gujurati wedding event, and you see the word “Sangeet” or “Garba” it means festival of music. It is by far our favorite day of our 4-day Indian weddings. In most Sangeets or Garbas, depending on their religious background (usually depends whether the couple is from the north or the south of India), couples perform in front of their guests, and their families put together quite the show for the night!

We start our Sangeet/Garba celebrations by taking a creative session with our bride & groom. This session was a thirty minute window before their program began. Monica is not only the most photogenic bride we’ve had all year round, but also had a contagious smile that warmed everyones hearts while working with her and her handsome groom.

To start the program, Monica and Pratik lit up a candle and had a religious ceremony at the altar. Then they danced around the altar. All guests were invited to do this challenging dance, even if they didn’t know the steps; while the expert crowds danced non-stop as the music and the difficulty of the dance continuously got faster and harder.

Cheers to 2019!

It feels like we have been hibernating all this winter, but who is to blame with Chicagos weather and the famous Polar Vortex 2018. We are all so excited to begin our 2019 wedding season, and to honor our first wedding of the season, we wanted to post images from Binal and J’s wedding. They will be getting married this weekend in Indianapolis. The weather hasn’t changed much from their cold engagement session, but our hearts have grown to love these two people full of love and excitement! Here is to a great start of the season!

Rimi + Rohun

Le Cape Weddings - South Asian Wedding Rimi and Rohun - Mendhi -6658.jpg



Remember Rimi and her beautiful engagement photos at the London House?
Time indeed goes by fast!

Rimi and Rohun thought of every detail of their wedding weekend. She was super hands on when it came to the planning, but couldn’t have done it without the help of her groom Rohun.

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Le Cape Weddings - Ceremony - Rimi and Rohun -27.jpg


Wedding Day



Le Cape Weddings - Ceremony Details - Rimi and Rohun -1.jpg


By Yanni Designs

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A Romantic Hindu Wedding

Le Cape Weddings - Vidai - Rimi and Rohun -22.jpg


Oh, Sweet tears!

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With the new Mr. & Mrs.

Le Cape Weddings - Reception - Rimi and Rohun -67.jpg

Wedding Reception

Westin Itasca


Wedding Venue: Westin Chicago Northwest

Decorator: Yanni Designs