Do Everything You Love

Now this is a couple that had one of a kind themed wedding… The Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Disney – you name it, they watch it and included it in their wedding. 

There are a million ways to design your wedding, but the most important part is that it feels reflective of your style and your relationship. If you’re worried about choosing between options, just pull a Jessica and Nathan and fill the day with everything you love. Jessica and Nathan made time and room for their fan favorites, from surprising each other at the first look with Star Wars costumes, to Jessica being walked down the aisle by Darth Vader and storm troopers, to having the ceremony be conducted by an officiant wearing a Doctor Who costume (the 11th one!) with a song from the Lord of the Rings. None of it clashed, and all of it felt unique to who our couple was and what they cherished (besides each other, of course). 

We loved capturing J + N in their element – they were unafraid to be themselves in front of the camera, and the wedding party even performed a fake duel for us with their wedding party and Harry Potter wands after the first look. Even the vendors they hired for the reception – besides us fun kids at Le Cape Weddings! – were lively and outgoing. One of the DJs, from Blues Brothers DJ, had actually DJ-ed Jessica’s parents’ wedding and their 25th anniversary! We can imagine it was an easy booking to say yes to. Happy honeymoon to Jessica and Nathan! Live long and prosper.