Bollywood Inspired Wedding at the Hilton Palmer House Chicago

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Day 1

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Wedding Ceremony

Day 2, Morning

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Wedding Reception

Day 2, Evening

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Reception Decor

by Shaddi Creations Decor

It is incredible to be a part of seeing two friends make a choice to join their journeys together and walk together. So it is with a grateful heart that we are able to show you the incredible story of Nevin’s marriage to Hiba. It was an incredible adventure that took us through some amazing location in the Palmer House Hilton to capture this special moment.


Cinematography & Photography: Le Cape Weddings

Venue: Hilton Palmer House | | Grand Ballroom

Event Planner: Malvika Desai & JD Jankhana Desai |

Event Decorator: Shaddi Creations Decor

Make up & Hair Sangeet: Diem Angie

Make up & Hair for Reception look: Omehabiba | 630.806.4141 |

DJ: DJ Kollison | 630.788.1510

Overjoyed at the Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort

Having fun on your wedding day is important. Take a moment a learn how this bride let herself be overjoyed by the spectacular occasion.

Cinematography & Photography: Le Cape Weddings
DJ: Magic Mike DJs International -
Venue: Hilton Oak Brook Hills Resort -

South Asian Wedding Short Film with Tanvi + Anshul

C'mn in and get Inspired by this amazing wedding! 

Warning: this is a very beautiful wedding ~ but it is a very long post. Careful if you are at work! lol

Their wedding celebration began with Tanvi's Mendhi at her parents house in Naperville, IL.

The following day, we started their Sangeet night with a mini (literally mini) session of the couple during sunset, and we are dying to share these images with you all!

Then we hit the dance floor with some family photos and some superly-amazing performances that we enjoyed photographing so much! 

and then the truth to all these beautiful images...

Confessions from a photographer: South Asian Weddings are tough to shoot for us photographers. But I don't say tough for the lengthy days, but they are tough for us artists because we are literally given beautiful, and  I mean ~ beautiful ~ brides and grooms with all sorts of jewelry, make-up and extravagant outfits, but we don't always get the opportunity to take them out for a quick creative session... or sometimes our brides are so exhausted from the long ceremony, and who can blame you girls when you are wearing really heavy outfits, but let me admit, this frustrates our creative hearts all the time. We always wish for more photo time with you.

We've been documenting so many Indian weddings in the past years, and we've gotten to experience so many different types of South Asian Weddings. This one specifically was a Punjabi wedding, and they had their wedding in the morning, and thankfully allowed some time for a creative session after their touching and emotional Vidai.  After their Creative Session, we even went back to their hotel for some traditional games with closest family members. The game consisted on hiding the two rings in a bowl of milk + other ingredients (don't ask me what it's called, because I forgot to ask), but it was a fun game, where both bride and groom compete to find the ring first in the bowl. They explained to us that these are the type of games couples would play after the wedding ceremony, to "break the ice" with their now husband, for those couples who had been "set-up" or like others call it "arranged". 

Tanvi didn't want to miss out on Anshul's Baraat, so she Facetimed a dear friend, so she could peek in to the fun:

Sometimes when there is no time to head into the City, a nearby parking lot can do the trick! that is if you have a loving couple to photograph and an awesome team of creatives! I might be biassed, but we have the most talented and hard workers human beings in this industry! Thank you Hanna and Brice!

Tanvi and Anshul exchanged wedding gifts before heading out to their Wedding Reception.

Tanvi and her many many surprises throughout the day to her groom... 

A must-have Creative Session before heading to Cocktail Hour:

Tanvi and Anshul have had a long distance relationship, and they've traveled together to so many places, so when it comes to seating charts, they decided to name each table a different country that they had either already visited, or plan to visit on their near future. Their guests told us that it was a great way to start conversation at their tables.


Tanvi and Anshul are such a loving couple, and both are blessed to have parents who were so involved in the wedding planning, but also put so much of their efforts to invite every guest in their wedding reception to have fun one way or another. Tanvi's Dad also put quite the show with a surprise dance in the middle of their Father-Daughter Dance that got everyone laughing and cheering up; he also made sure to write a wedding toast that left everyone tearing up. These are adorable moments that we never forget!

Soon after their formal dances were over, Tanvi's parents surprised her with a Guest of Honor, making quite the entrance!

Wedding toasts at times can sound so rehearsed, but in this case, their friends made sure to both embarrass the couple with really funny stories, but also had so much to say about their personalities, and we truly enjoyed getting to know more about Tanvi and Anshul. We were just amazed at the things their guests shared about them, and we felt truly honored to have been a part of such an awesome wedding!

To end the night, our handsome groom left everyone in awe with his romantic Thank You Speech that was more geared towards his bride, but also towards family and all their guests. 

And between deserts and a couple of night shots, we would like to congratulate one of our best looking Brides and Grooms!  Cheers to you, may Tanvi continue smiling as big as she did the entire wedding day~

Stunning Chateau Ritz Wedding Film with Joann and Anthony

True love no no boundaries. Anthony Traveled all the way from Australia and fell in love with Joann. He once again crossed the ocean to be with his bride on their wedding day at Chateau Ritz in Niles Illinois.