The Best Kind of Love

I know it is quite cliché to say that every love story is different, but when you meet Jordan and Trisha, you immediately notice something different. Their love for each other is intricately interwoven with their love for family.

In Trisha’s family, there is a number of deaf family members who are very close to her, including her own parents, and there was such an attention to detail throughout their entire wedding. Jordan and Trisha wanted to make sure to not only include them in their wedding, but to make a point to connect and enhance their experience at their wedding. Trisha and Jordan hired two ASL translators who helped translate any speaking moment throughout their wedding and other functions.

One really neat activity they incorporated was that during their Sangeet night, they taught a few signs to all of their guests, and that definitely was a precious moment that we got to capture.

One thing that struck us all was that Jordan without having any difficulty hearing, learned sign language out of love to his family. I can attest that personally this is something that

We were amazed on how many people in their family, including young children could sign ASL. We were in fact so inspired, that on our way back home, we were already downloading apps in our phones, to start our kids the next day with their first ASL lesson.

We have lots and lots to say about this wonderful wedding, but I will let the images tell the rest of the stories, and not only our bride was absolutely beautiful on her Indian gowns, but also she was happy, and that alone is part of our success with the images we got to capture.

Wedding Day

Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL

Jordan and Trisha's First Look

A little time for the two of them to connect before their ceremony.

All Baraats are fun! All of them without a doubt, but Jordan without being Indian himself had an epic Baraat! You see him on top of cars, carried by his friends on their shoulders, and making quite the entrance to his wedding ceremony. Epic!

Hindi Ceremony. Event Decor by Yanni Designs.

This is Jordan reading a love letter to his wife (we were bawling our eyes out!)

Time flies on the day of your wedding day, but we really enjoyed having a few minutes to take pictures of the two of you in our mini Creative Sessions. Sometimes we can go to the city, sometimes it gets dark, and all we have is a couple of minutes in the sunset, and sometimes, we just enjoy photographing our couples in their ballroom with dimmed lights, and just minutes before their guests walk in to celebrate the couple at their reception.

Event Design by Yanni Designs

Their reception was a romantic, extremely fun and very very loud wedding reception...

Their DJ and their after party snacks were on point! Those midnight churros were everything!

And if you were every wondering if deaf people dance, let me tell you, they dance more and better than anybody! They know how to feel the music through their feet, and they dance and celebrate like you never imagined. Not sure if it was because of the drinks or what, but it was so fun. I was on my third trimester with my third baby, and I swear that kid was dancing inside of me. It was amazing!

Congratulations Jordan and Trisha ~ our entire team hold your wedding as one of our favorite ones of 2018. Can’t wait to party with you all at the next wedding we are together with your family and friends.

Event Design by Yanni Designs

Wedding Venue: Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL

Sangeet Venue: Medinah Country Club

Photo and Cinema: Le Cape Weddings (of course!)

A Summer Morning with Puja + Kheelan

Good morning sweet lovers...

We started our dat at Northbeach, Chicago. Already the sunrise and the lonely beach set us up for a romantic morning with these two lovers... 

For our second stop we chose to go to this really cool mural in the city. The bright colors of the walls worked really well with her hot red heels, and her "omg I want those now!" earrings. 

and for our third and fourth stop, we ran over to Fulton Market and got some pretty incredible end shots

thumbs up to Puja + Kheelan. They rocked this outfits and we absolutely loved this session! 

Sneak Peek: Hayden + Alexis

Capturing intimate organic moments like these is one of our favorite addictions...