A Radisson Blu Aqua Wedding Same Day Edit

We simply loved the iconic look of this wedding same day edit that we filmed at the Radisson Blu Aqua. Sreeya and Gaurav took what is a typical south asian wedding event and integrated in their own personal touches, like having a Segway entrance for the Baraat, or having a beautiful walk on Radisson Blu Aqua's iconic terrace overlooking the city at twilight, to the jaw dropping first look on the top of the hill at sunrise. I think for us the reception DJ said it right - he thought it looked like the level of a tv commercial, but was surprised when it was their wedding film.


Featured Vendors at this Wedding

Featured Venues at this Wedding

A Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center Schaumburg Wedding

Lynna + Drew

This beautiful fusion wedding between Drew and Lynna was set at the exquisite Renaissance Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg.

Lynna + Drew's Wedding Feature Film

Lynna + Drew's Love Story Short Film

Winter 2016 // Destination: Guatemala

We've been commissioned to work in Guatemala for a few really cool projects during the winter. One of them, a stylized short film production over the Luxury Boutique Hotel Casa Palopó in Sololá, Guatemala. We also will be filming multiple music videos, and training workshops in Guatemala City.

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Bad weather on your wedding day? Don't worry, it can make for great art.

Ever heard the expression, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Well, here’s our photo gallery of some crazy weather that we had to deal with on photo sessions, and how it can make for some incredible moments!

Photographer Tip (Subscribe) Remember that when shooting in snow, because snow is not transparent, you want to make sure your light is in front of it. With rain, try lighting it from behind. For lighting situations like this, we use a Canon Speedlite a but any flash or LED continuous light will work.

Have a story of your own crazy weather moment? Share it in the comments!