A Bittersweet & Tender Wedding

We see a lot of beautiful and elegant weddings here at Le Cape, but Rebecca and Keisuke’s wedding was one for the books! Navy and champagne chiffon and sequins decorated the venue and the wedding party. The traditional ceremony was held at Rebecca’s family church, which was bedecked with autumn foliage. 

    Some of our favorite meaningful touches were Rebecca’s relationship to her bridesmaids and matrons of honor. Rebecca, thoughtful as she is, asked them all individually to be her bridesmaids with a ring, just like a mini proposal. While everyone was getting ready, she distributed letters to each of the ladies to thank them for their part in her special day. She even prepared snacks for the Le Cape team! Nothing we ever asked for, it was incredibly sweet of her and we truly enjoyed it. 

    One of the sweetest moments of the day was seeing these two come together before the ceremony, Kevin was blindfolded to stay true to their tradition of only seeing his bride at church. On this moment, he brought her a special heirloom ring that completed her gorgeous look.

    The day was emotional and tender – Rebecca’s father had passed away a few months before and there were little touches throughout the wedding to honor him, as well as a beautiful montage video played at the reception while she had her “Daddy-Daughter Dance” accompanied by her uncles. It was such a privilege to capture the bittersweet of a family that was both celebrating and mourning. 

    The rest of the reception went beautifully. Rebecca had little vases set up at her sequin-draped reception table for the bridesmaids to put their flowers in while they ate. We hadn’t seen anything like that before. Decoration and preservation, all in one! Rebecca and Keisuke also honored the creativity of their loved ones’ speeches. Rebecca’s sister wrote a parable in her speech, while Keisuke’s mother spoke in her first language and sang him a lullaby. Then, an open mic for speeches. Again, not something we had seen before! It’s always exciting when we see new traditions being formed. We hope our happy couple gets to form many more traditions throughout their marriage! 

    ...and of course - us fun kids at Le Cape Weddings couldn't let the night end without our special guest, our Dinosaurrrr from @LeSlowMotionBooth